Long time, no blog

16 Jan
I love PR (public relations)

I love PR (public relations) (Photo credit: Jerry Silfwer)


Well, it’s been a long while since I’ve posted here, and much has happened in the past several months. First, as I joyously noted in my last post, the book is done. But when I wrote that, the book wasn’t exactly “done” done. I had a draft of the manuscript but hadn’t gone through it carefully to make needed revisions.


Now, I’m happy to report, the book really is done. St. Martin’s recently showed me the cover they have in mind, which, I’m very happy to say, is pretty awesome. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so I won’t post an image or say too much about what the cover looks like. Suffice it to say that the St. Martin’s graphic design folks know what they’re doing.


Now that I’m no longer actually writing the book, it’s time to begin thinking about how to best market and promote it. To that end I’ve been compiling lists of contacts, renewable energy organizations, and basically of anyone who might be able to help get word out about the book and why people should read it.


To be honest, one of the most difficult parts of writing the book was dealing with the nagging thought constantly in the back of my mind that people don’t read a lot of non-fiction of this sort. Or, at least, non-fiction books like this tend to not sell many copies. Not that selling as many copies as possible is the only thing that matters … but it matters. Like any author, I want lots of people to read (and like) my work. But now that the book is done and I’ve begun thinking about marketing and promotion, I’m more optimistic about the prospects of the book doing at least marginally well. Despite the sucky economy, renewable energy continues to be a relevant topic. And judging by the large number of college-level courses and programs on alternative energy, there’s lots of general public interest. So … I’m hopeful.


Anyhow, if anyone reads this post and knows anyone in the media or has any suggestions for contacts, I’m all ears (and eyes).


2 Responses to “Long time, no blog”

  1. jstack6 at 3:43 am #

    Jeremy, Your book was very interesting. I live in a home that I put a 4 Kw GRID Tied Solar system and it runs our home and 100% electric car and still makes 10% extra. We help the local power company with clean energy each day and use their excess each night.

    Your book didn’t clearly and often enough tell about the huge subsidies that COAL, NG and Nuclear get. They also dump excess power at night with no way to slow down and still meet the demands of the next days Peak. That is why power companies offer Off Peak Low rates. .

    Can you believe we still pay big subsidies to COAL, NG and Nuclear? And have for over 50 years? They will never be TRUE low cost. They all make tons of pollution.

    Storage has always been the big solution for all power. Using the new advanced battery vehicles as storage since they park 20+ hours a day is good for everyone,
    Read http://www.V2G-101.webs.com for more info.

    Renwable are the answer and have been for years!

  2. jstack6 at 3:36 am #

    Jeremy, I live in a home with 4 Kw GRID Tied solar and drive an electric car. Our home and car are 100% electric and our Solar makes 110% of what we use. So the power company pays us. Of course were in the Sunny Phoenix area.

    Your book was very good but didn’t say enough about the subsidies paid to COAL, NG and Nuclear. Can you believe the US still pays COAL companies? It’s been going on for over 50 years! NG also gets money. Nuclear is the biggest subsidy in history, they use millions of gallons of water each day and make tons of deadly pollution with no solution.

    Maybe contact real solar and wind owners to hear the full story.

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