A reader chimes in on energy policy

4 Apr

I got this email from a reader the other day. Nice to know that people are checking out the blog …


“Jeremy, I was strolling through your blog site as I was interested in the book effort underway.  And I did not see a section about the contents of the book that dealt with energy policy.
I work with policy.  CLEAN policy.  The policy that has been supporting about 70% of the renewable energy on this planet has very little impact here in the good old USofA.  That deserves a chapter in your book.  All of the good ideas in the world won’t do poop in this country if there is not a way for implementation to take place that makes economic sense.  You know of this as feed-in tariffs.  We are trying to re-brand as CLEAN, Clean Local Energy Accessible Now.
In Michigan, my campaign is one that accepts that state government is screwed, so I am approaching one municipal utility at a time to try to get CLEAN policy adopted.  I sell it as an economic development tool instead of a way to save the planet.  Explaining CLEAN to the public and to utilities has been an exercise in determination and frustration.  But it also is a very graphic vehicle r showing the unique qualities of USA energy policy development which have kept us from enjoying the benefits of a robust renewable energy economy.
It would be nice if more authors could describe the problem, which would serve to educate the public as to the need for new policy.  Be well.”



One Response to “A reader chimes in on energy policy”

  1. Terry June 7, 2011 at 3:43 am #

    Thanks alot – your answer solved all my problems after several days struglingg

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