Wind Wagons

15 Dec

Today I’ve been reading about “wind wagons”–19th century covered wagons equipped with cloth sails used to “sail” across the flat, windswept plains of the American west.  This was not a widespread phenomenon; there were probably only a handful of wind wagons built. And nearly all of them ended in disaster of one kind or another. But still, it’s an amusing and interesting footnote in the history of wind power in the American West.

There’s a children’s book, The Wind Wagon, set in the 1860s, about a real person named Samuel Peppard who sailed a wind wagon from Kansas to Colorado.

And Disney made a short called Saga of Windwagon Smith (1961). Check out parts I & II:

One Response to “Wind Wagons”

  1. Jestin September 25, 2013 at 5:24 pm #

    With solar and wind powered plcaes, you only need so much energy for the panels or windmill to power itself. The rest of the energy is stored and used throughout the night or when there isn’t any wind. So really, it is a great way of using energy and for your project, you could say that you would transfer the power so at one time you are only using wind and the other you are only using solar.

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