Cool fuel cell video

23 Jul

I recently got an email from a PR rep about a British fuel cell company called AFC Energy, calling my attention to a promotional video the company produced about fuel cells and about its contribution to the field.  Normally I’d skeptical about energy-related promotional materials, which often exaggerate in misleading ways.  But I really liked this video, for a few reasons.  First, it doesn’t just trumpet the company’s technological prowess; rather, it tells a story about energy and the role that fuel cells have and will play as the energy landscape continues to evolve.  Telling stories of this kind is important to help the average person understand why energy matters and why they should care about it.  And second, unlike the typical tech heavy promo overburdened with numbers and stats and confusing jargon, this video is charming and funny.  Yes, it’s still a promo meant to burnish AFC’s reputation. But that’s OK, too.  The video is well-produced, educational, and made me aware of a company doing what seems to be some very good work to push fuel cell technology forward.

Watch the video here:


4 Responses to “Cool fuel cell video”

  1. dan August 17, 2010 at 4:26 am #

    I’ll start by declaring my interest – I work for life size media, the company that produced this video. However i’m not here just to plug the video; the way we generate our electricity really matters to me.

    I’ve been interested in alternative energy solutions for a few years now, having grown up with an awareness that burning fossil fuels in the traditional way is damaging the environment.

    A trip to the Centre for Alternative Technology during sixth form lead me to base a product design project on coming up with a small piece of renewable energy generation technology for the home. Since then I’ve been to uni, studied energy and the related political, economic and security issues and am now working for a small organisation which exist to help companies like AFC Energy, with ground-breaking and innovative technology ideas, communicate and network using the power of the web.

    So, in brief, that’s my story. At the moment it’s very satisfying to see our work being noticed as it means we’re contributing to the changes that I feel we need to make to the way we generate power. I want these changes because it will mean we can carry on doing what we’re doing and living the lives we want to live. After all, no one wants to feel guilty when they don’t switch off a light – and we shouldn’t have to – we just need to move towards energy generation that doesn’t pollute.
    For me the answers can be found, and are being found, through scientific research, innovative design and technology development. The hydrogen fuel-cell based business model is a commercially viable alternative to nuclear on a national scale and has the potential to be central in the transition to an economy based on zero-emission renewables. Quite simply I believe we should promote its use, because it’s in all of our best interest. Now its just a matter of convincing those politicians…

    • jnshere August 17, 2010 at 5:14 am #

      Thanks for this thoughtful post. I take issue with just one point, though. While technology research and development are crucial and making huge strides, efficiency is equally important. If the goal is to eventually transition away from a fossil-fuel based economy and toward a renewable energy economy, we (meaning everyone on the planet) will need to get used to not only new ways of making energy but also new ways of consuming energy. Using less energy more efficiently will matter even more than it does now, so remembering to turn off the light will become more, not less, important.

      • Natal September 25, 2013 at 9:25 am #

        global warming is a natarul process of the Earth. when animals and humans respire we emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere however, this natarul action is offset by carbon-fixating processes such as photosynthesis by plants. the resipiration of animals and photosynthesis of plants create a dynamic equilibrium where there are periods that the planet will get warmer and periods were there would be a slight drop in temperature but in the longrun, the temperature is fairly stable and constant. anthropogenic disturbances, in other words disturbances caused by humans, disrupt the dynamic equilibrium created by nature. humans are adding to the earth far too many pollutants than nature can handle.climate change was something that was discovered only recently. advancements in technology allowed for accurately tracking patterns of temperature. furthermore, there is something called the lag phase where the anthropogenic disturbances do not take a noticeable toll on the environment until the lag phase has passed. so, the global warming we are seeing is arguably the effects from the Industrial Revolution. and we all know that emissions have only gone up since the Industrial Revolution therefore, the effects of climate change is only going to amplify in effect. I really hope that people understand the pressing issue of climate change and will act on it.tell your local politician that you are extremely concerned about this issue and you expect them to act on it immediately. threaten to not vote for them come the next election and hopefully their pragmatism would cause them to actually do something concrete!

  2. sam July 23, 2010 at 8:11 am #

    Thanks for the video. Been running around looking for money for EPEC. Hope you are doing well.

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