BP Not the Only Villains Here, We’re The Addicts, After All

2 Jun

“Why are you not completely over oil now? Why do you not see your low mileage cars as instruments of our own destruction? They are. They simply are. Why is everyone not talking about Solar, wind, geothermal, fuel cell and every other thing we have right now as an alternative right now because we’re shutting off the wells right now?”

I’m sorry, but this is simply not realistic. LIke it or not, the world is currently powered by fossil fuels. While it’s essential to develop renewable energy sources like solar and wind and biofuels, it’s also important to recognize that none of these technologies, alone or combined, can come close to replacing oil (not to mention coal) any time soon. We may be “addicted” to oil, but it’s not something the world can just choose to give up, cold turkey. Bouley may power his laptop with solar, but what about his car, heating? Does he fly? None of this is possible without oil, and lots of it. In the long run we’ll need to find replacements for this finite resource, but it won’t happen overnight.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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