The Worst Week Ever, Thanks To The Fossil-Fuel Industry

3 May

From the point of view of the energy establishment, the recent incidents, however terrible, are part of the price we all must pay for a way of life predicated on the unceasing flow and availability of high-quality energy. And it’s not just the big energy companies–we’re all complicit in one way or another. Even the “greenest” among us, the most socially conscious advocates of sustainability and conservation and the like, no doubt owns not only a cell phone and computer(s) but also dozens and dozens of less utilitarian electronic “toys” that gobble electricity without pause. How many readers of this website don’t own or drive a car? How many avoid flying?

My point isn’t that we shouldn’t drive or fly or use cell phones and computers. For most of us, there’s simply no avoiding these things. But we should recognize that in using them, in going about our days and living our 21st century, post-industrial lives, we’ve tacitly, without any real choice, bought into a system based on an energy economy that from time to time will result in terrible accidents.

Given that global population is growing and using more energy, it’s crucial that we develop and support renewable energy technologies. The trouble there, though, is that most of these technologies are still in their relative infancy, despite decades and sometimes centuries of development. Learn more about the past, present, and future of renewable energy at
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One Response to “The Worst Week Ever, Thanks To The Fossil-Fuel Industry”

  1. Suleiman Issack May 3, 2010 at 12:26 pm #

    Corporates must be responsibly help when they cause environmental catastrophes. When news of oil spill reached me I was left in shock. Think its time BP and its peers get cleaning the mess before consumers catch up with them. I love the article…nice and precise.

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